How frequently you should Turn Your Mattress

Wondering how often should you turn your mattress? Check out the following article for crucial ideas as well as the technique on the best ways to turn your mattress.

Every night, after having an exhausting and long day where all you seem to do is work, complete tasks, clean and cook, a comfortable and relaxing bed is extremely welcoming. For this scene to occur every night, you have to take correct care of your mattress despite the size and years of use. Simply cleaning and vacuuming your bedroom or altering bed sheets and pillow covers isn't enough. You must clean effectively and turn your mattress from time to time. The key is knowing how frequently you should turn your mattress, so we’ve put this have put this article together to help you understand.

How Frequently to Turn Mattress

Preferably you should turn your mattress twice per year. After every six months, you should decide upon a day to turn the mattress in your house. Turning a mattress on a regular basis can enhance its life and provide you with a soft, cushioned sensation each time you lie down. Over time there is more pressure on the head of the bed than at the foot, and this can make the mattress irregular if it’s not turned on a regular basis.

Ways to Turn Mattress

I know that the turning of the mattress may sound a bit frustrating, but when you follow the guidelines discussed below, it will serve you well in the long run. To assist you in performing this job, follow the tips supplied to you so that your best mattresses have a long, fluffy life.

Turn the Mattresses

To turn your mattress with ease and ensure no confusion in the future, use a marker to make a small dot at the foot of the bed.

Make the same mark on both sides of the mattress so that when you turn the mattress, it will be easier for you to remember its current position.



After turning, the foot of your mattress will come to the head of your bed.

Now the small dot will be facing downward so that when you are prepared to turn the mattress once more you will know exactly what to do.

You will have to repeat the same procedure of turning the mattress after three months, bringing the small dot to the foot of the bed. After a year, turn the mattress one more time. Keep track in a notepad or in your phone so that you’ll remember when the last turn took place.

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